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Super-Screw fastener can also be used for lateral and longitudinal belt rip repairs. Packaging Super-Screw is supplied at any requested cut length or coils up to 25mtr's for SS35 to SS100 and coils up to 10 mtr's for SS125 to SS200.

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Feb 13, 2014· - skive or grind the belt to inbed the super-screw® splice and avoid some overthickness - do not use an impact wrench tool - slide underneath the super-screw® a thick wood board - do not screw ...


Super-Screw®: Fastener/Splice and Patch MLT has developed the Super-Screw®. It is a flexible rubber splice that screws directly onto the belt The Super-Screw® uses specifically designed self-drilling, self-tapping screws that preseNe the belt integrity by spreading the carcass threads without cutting them.

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MLT has developed the SUPER-SCREW. It is a flexible rubber splice to screw on to the belt. MLT specific screws are self-drilling and self-tapping (they spread the carcass threads without cutting them). The screwing system allows SUPER-SCREW to be installed regardless of the: configuration of conveyor belt; access conditions; weather conditions

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Apr 15, 2012· Training video for using Super Screw Splice to repair a conveyor belt.

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The screwing system allows Super-Screw ® to be installed regardless of the configuration of the conveyor belt, access condition and weather conditions. Super-Screw ® can also be used as a permanent splice and for the repair of holes and rips.

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Super Screw. Super Screw is a flexible rubber mechanical splice that is a practical alternative to traditional hot or cold splicing. Special self drilling screws attach the Super Screw to the belt, spreading the reinforcing fibres, not cutting them to maintain belt strength.

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Super-Screw is a flexible, rubber splice to fix onto the conveyor belt, as an alternative to vulcanizing. The key difference is in the MLT-specific screws, which …


Feb 01, 2019· SUPER-SCREW® EVOLUTION is the latest addition to the SUPER-SCREW® range. THE fast and innovative solution to splice your conveyor belts. This brand new patented splice has evolved to b ring you ...

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super screw belt splicing infirmier-cantigneaube. Super-Screw Belt Splice Mining Technology Super-Screw by WA Belting Solutions is the ultimate join for every rubber and solid woven PVC belt on the market It is the perfect, most flexible and easy-fitting. Weigh Feeder Belts Bi-State Rubber.

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Super-Screw® roll + Patch on textile belt Super-Screw® roll is delivered in 2 rolls : the top roll and the bottom roll. You have to define the screw size and their quantity, same for spacers and PZ bit (PZ2, Ø 5 mm or PZ3, Ø 6.3 mm) - see page 4 -

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The team at Kia Kaha is constantly striving to improve the modern day splicing industry. We improvise better, quicker and stronger techniques to splice your conveyor belts. Kia Kaha is the future of conveyor belt splicing as it saves time and money. It will outlast any other form of splicing method.

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Super-Screw® is an innovative and fast solution for splicing your belts. It is a flexible rubber lacing to screw on to the belt as an alternative to vulcanizing. MLT specific screws are self-drilling and self-tapping (they spread the carcass threads without cutting them). The screwing system allows Super-Screw® to be installed regardless of ...

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Super-Screw must be in contact against the belt. Finally, if there is no belt continuity on Super-Screw side, cut the angles as shown. If you want you can fill the gap between the cover of the belt and Super-Screw with filling glue or PU. Now you can start the belt with full …


Abrasion resistant. SUPER-SCREW ® EVOLUTION answers the majority of applications, since it is fabricated with a high quality of rubber abrasion resistant 50mm3. This is one of the most resistant compounds available today. Heat retardant. SUPER-SCREW ® EVOLUTION can be installed on your heat retardant belt and can be able to withstand temperatures between 170°C and 200°C.

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Nov 24, 2010· [TUTO] SUPER-SCREW® EVOLUTION : The new generation of flexible splice to screw - Duration: 6:42. MLT Minet Lacing Technology 4,591 views

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Belt Scrapers / Cleaners. Both Urethane and Rubber; Belts rated at 200 PIW and above are fire retardant. They are non-ignitable when held against a revolving drive pulley. Also, they will not propagate a flame and are self-extinguishing. Skirtboard Rubber / Chute Lining. 1/4" (6mm) through 1" (25mm) thick; Cement / Adhesives. REMA; PANG


Super-Screw is a flexible rubber splice that screws directly into a belt without any tooling. Super-Screw lacing uses self-tapping screws that preserve the belt integrity by spreading the carcass threads without cutting them. FASTENER/SPLICE SUPER-SCREW NOW STOCKING BELT THICKNESS, IN. 5/32 - 1/2 MAX. BELT STRENGTH, N/MM 630 MAX. BELT TENSION ...

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C.C.Components Pty Ltd is a stockist & distributor of a broad range of Conveyor Belt Fasteners and Fastener Installation Tools. We have the ability to furnish any Conveyor Belt Fastener or Fastener Installation Tool and brand name or equal thereof, whether or not in our inventory, at competitive prices with excellent availability.

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Simple and practical, the Super-Screw® is versatile ! Super-Screw® used as splice. General data Super-Screw® 35. Belt thickness, mm. 4-11. 4-13. 4-15. Max. belt strength tension, N/mm. 315. 630 ...


Install the SUPER-SCREW® with adapted sizes of screws. SUPER-SCREW® splice must be placed with a bias, and integrated in the belt, without any thickness. SUPER-SCREW®'s installation must be performed on a flat, thick wooden board for example. It's important to get the 2 sides in contact. Think about removing the spacers


The invention provides a splicing method for conveyor belt. The splicing method takes short splicing time and low cost. The invention also provides a spliced conveyor belt with good strength, good flexibility and low cost. ... 322'. Such 'Super Screw lacing' mechanical …


THE NEW SUPER-SCREW® EVOLUTION IS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR BELTS STRENGTH UP TO EP630 (OR 360PIW) Generation of Flexible Splice ring you fundamental improvements THINNER AND MORE RESISTANT New, stronger fabric • • • • Seamless integration into the belt Improved breaking strength Higher abrasion resistance More flexible splice FULLY INTEGRATED INTO YOUR BELT …

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Insert the center Super Splice wedge between the two belt ends, aligning with the drilled holes. The center wedge should be placed so the rubber wedge is toward the pulley side. Place one of the two outer plates on the belt top, and align with the holes drilled in the belt. The large radius end should be toward the pulley side of the belt.

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Jul 30, 2015· BMG 's highly efficient belt fastener system – the Super-Screw – which was originally used as a temporary alternative to conventional hot and cold splicing, has proved to be totally reliable as a permanent splice for conveyor belt repairs. "This high strength splicing system is a flexible rubber splice using self tapping screws that enable Super-Screw to be installed regardless of the ...

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All Super-Screw flexible fasteners are in one piece, with no hinge. There is no possibility for conveyed material to sift through the splice. Flexible. Flexible Super-Screw fasteners are designed to follow belt movement around the pulleys. Bi-State Rubber, Inc. offers a …


Thanks to helpful installation tools of your Super-Screw ®, developed by MLT, you can install your splice simply and quickly: The chart «How to choose your Super-Screw ® » allows you to rapidly find the adapted model for your belt, plus the skiving blades that you will need.